Bike rides

Cycling at Lake Garda

If you like to combine Italian charme with sport, Lake Garda is the right place to be!

Lake Garda is a dream destination for beginner cyclists and professional mountain bikers of any age. You can discover the most beautiful corners of the Lake from your saddle. The surrounding mountains have infinite footpaths, gravel roads, old supply routes and excellent bike paths. You can enjoy a ride along the beach or in the rolling countryside with many suitable bike tours and tracks to choose from!

This year [2021] there will be a brand new route: Garda by bike, which follows the banks of the lake over a distance of 140 km.

Garda by bike

The name of the project is Garda by Bike and it has been underway for the last two years. The new route is expected to open this year and is created from existing cycling tracks as well as newly built paths. The route will take cyclists from Lombardy, through Trento and on the Veneto, and back again, and will also link up to the continent-spanning European cycle routes Eurovelo Route 7 and Eurovelo Route 8

Suitable for families

Although the full route is a long distance ride which will likely attract experienced cyclists, the bike path is also suitable for families as it is wide and does not include any steep climbs. The route can be cycled with any type of bike, as the path is made from wood planks and so is not challenging, and the lack of extreme elevation makes it appealing to novice cyclists too.

Holiday with children near Lake Garda

Theme Parks

Lake Garda is famous for its wide range of theme parks, which are mainly located on the eastern shore. There is really everything for everybody, for small children as well as for teenagers and even adults will have a fun time. Noteworthy are the Gardaland Resort (Italy's number 1 amusement park), the Movieland, the Sea Life, the Jungle Adventure climbing park, the Parco Natura Viva zoo with safari area and the Caneva, Riovalli and Cavour water parks.

Swimming and Aquatic Sports

At the top of the list is of course the beach fun. Lake Garda features mostly pebble beaches, but there are also sunbathing areas (for example in Bardolino and Cisano) and even a sandy beach (in Lazise). The entry to the water is particularly shallow on the eastern and southern shores and therefore suitable for children. The lake boasts possibilities of the classic pedal boat or banana boat ride as well as of the exotic stand-up paddling or kite surfing.

Visiting Towns

When you are on Lake Garda, you want to visit all the picturesque places, of course.
By car, by bus ... or by ferry, which is certainly most exciting for kids.

Olive Oil Museum - Cisano

A tribute to the olive tree and its oil
From rural handicraft to industrial technology: this is the leading thread of the Olive Oil Museum. An ancient, powerful lever press, millstones, screw presses and a reconstruction of a 19th century water mill are the highlights of this exhibition, also enriched by historical documents and teaching equipment. A celebration of oil and olive trees, two peculiar elements in the history and civilisation of Mediterranean peoples.

VIDEO GUIDES: they show how the machinery on display works and narrate the oil history of Lake Garda and the Mediterranean Sea (Italian, English, German, French, Dutch

Local Markets

Monday Montag Peschiera del Garda San Zeno D.M Torri del benaco

Tuesday Dienstag Cavaion Veronese Castelleto Limone

Wednesday Mittwoch Lazise Riva del Garda

Thursday Donnerstag Bardolino

Friday Freitag Garda Sirmione

Saturday Freitag Caprion V.Se Malcesine Salo

Sundat Sonntag

Sirmione's Castle


Monte Baldo

New bike trail

Sigurta gadens


Wellness parc Cola